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Blessed Grace Church is birthed out of God's plan because the  redemption of all people is in His heart. We are sent out to follow the Father's plan. There is no formula nor strategy of our own. We simply obey what He says for us to do. Indeed, as we look back, we praise God. He has been leading and we are following His plan. 


Blessed Grace Church was started on 3rd March 07. When God wants His church built, He chooses, then He fills His people with skill, ability and knowledge for the task. We have seen this truth worked out in the church and God has been granting us favor upon favor.


I know God wants to lead the congregation to be like eagle-Christians, learning how to wait upon Him - to move when the Holy Spirit moves and to rest when He encamps. 


"Though it tarry, wait for it." Waiting for the vision that tarries is a test of our loyalty to God. God has spoken. The redemption of the Chinese people is in His heart. When and how is He going to fulfill it? We do not know. What we do know is this: only God alone can fulfill His vision. He wants us to wait in expectation for Him. And when He moves, it will be beyond all that we can ask or imagine - beyond our expectation! Great is our Lord. 


"Ascribe greatness to our God the Rock, His works is perfect and All His ways are just. A God of faithfulness without injustice, Good and upright is He."



Blessed Grace Church is a biblical, family-oriented church commissioned by the Lord to evangelise the Chinese-speaking of Singapore and beyond, discipling them and providing marketplace opportunities for them to be witnesses for Christ.









Blessed Grace Church is accepted into the membership of the Assemblies of God denomination on 6th May 2021.

Reverend Simon Ang, Assistant General Superintendent of the Executive Committee of the AG presented the certificate of membership to BGC on 10th October 2021

We thank God for His leadership and guidance!

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